Mind Green

Nurturing Mental Wellness at Activate Learning


In response to the growing recognition of the importance of mental health in academic environments, Activate Learning proudly introduces MindGreen – a dedicated charity committed to supporting the well-being of students and staff across the entire college group.

Mission and Focus:

MindGreen's primary mission is to foster a culture of mental wellness within Activate Learning. The charity is dedicated to providing essential support, resources, and a safe space for students and staff to navigate the challenges that may impact their mental health throughout their educational journey.

Commitment to Holistic Development:

MindGreen underscores Activate Learning's commitment to the holistic development of its educational community. By placing mental health at the forefront, the charity aligns with the institution's vision of creating an environment where students and staff can thrive not only academically but also personally and emotionally.

Comprehensive Support Programs:

MindGreen will offer a range of comprehensive support programs tailored to address the diverse needs of its community. The aim is to create an environment where everyone feels acknowledged, understood, and empowered to prioritise their mental health.

Collaboration and Innovation:

MindGreen will actively collaborate with mental health professionals, educators, and external organisations to stay at the forefront of mental health advancements. Through strategic partnerships and ongoing research, the charity ensures that its initiatives remain dynamic, relevant, and effective in meeting the evolving mental health needs of the Activate Learning community.

MindGreen Ceremony at City of Oxford College

Activate Learning CEO Gary Headland leads a ceremony at the City of Oxford College, awarding Certificates of Appreciation for MindGreen honouring staff and students, symbolising our commitment to recognising their contributions to our mental health initiative.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

MindGreen is deeply committed to inclusivity and accessibility. The charity strives to break down barriers to mental health support by providing resources that are inclusive of diverse backgrounds and circumstances. Whether through virtual platforms, tailored workshops, or confidential counselling, MindGreen ensures that every individual can access the assistance they require.

Building Resilience

Beyond addressing mental health challenges, MindGreen aims to cultivate a resilient community. By fostering open dialogue, promoting mindfulness practices, and encouraging self-care, the charity empowers individuals with the tools to navigate the complexities of academic and personal life while maintaining a healthy mental state.