Farnham College Marks 50th Anniversary with Sustainable Initiative: New Hedgerow Cultivates Biodiversity in Farnham Park

In commemoration of its 50th anniversary, Farnham College proudly announces its contribution to the funding of a new hedgerow in Farnham Park.

This initiative, aimed at enhancing biodiversity in the area, marks a significant step towards environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Thanks to generous donations of £250 each from Activate Learning, the Farnham Educational Scholarship Trust (FEST), and Sony UK, the hedgerow project promises to enrich the local ecosystem, which boasts a diverse array of wildlife.

The successful implementation of this endeavour owes much to the dedicated efforts of a team from Motion, a Guildford-based transport and travel planning consultancy. Volunteering as part of their corporate Green Week, the team not only planted the shrubs but also took the first steps to safeguard them by erecting a protective fence against deer intrusion.

Acknowledgments are also due to Farnham Park Ranger, Nick Macfarlane, whose invaluable assistance contributed to the project’s success.

This initiative underscores Farnham College’s commitment to sustainability, aligning seamlessly with its strategic vision. As the hedgerow takes root and matures, it is poised to serve as a vital habitat for a multitude of local wildlife species, enriching the community for years to come.

Director of Farnham College, Neil Shoulder, said: “We are delighted to be included in such an important local project to celebrate our golden anniversary this year, which will leave an ecological legacy to future generations of the community of Farnham. Sustainability, and the importance of supporting local biodiversity, is something we actively champion and we are honoured to play a part in this initiative.”