Full-time GSCEs

Join our one-year, full-time GCSE programme for 16–19-year olds

Not everyone can make the best of their GSCEs first time around. The reasons can be numerous but, ultimately, for many of us, it was our first time at taking a high-pressure, timed exam on which your future can depend! If you don’t have the results you think you could have achieved, or just want to improve your grades, we offer one-year, full-time programmes for 16-19-year-olds who want to improve their GSCE grades.

We offer a safe and engaging campus where you will gain more independence and autonomy over your learning. Here you are encouraged and supported to create and manage your own schedule and our enthusiastic tutors can help you to get closer to your goals.

What will I gain?

If you are not happy with your exam results, we’ll help you to do something about it. Good GCSE results can make a difference to what university you can enter or if you want to go straight into an apprenticeship, they can be a stepping stone into your ideal industry.

During your studies with us, you’ll learn the skills, knowledge and attributes you need to make a success of your next step, whether that’s university, an apprenticeship or entering work.

  • Better choice of university
  • Greater earning potential
  • Many apprenticeships require good GSCE’s
  • Broader career choice
  • Improve your chances when applying for jobs
  • Increase your eligibility for further education

Why retake?

There are many benefits to retaking your GSCEs, such as the minimum entry requirements for most A Levels being five GSCEs at grades 4–9 (A*–C), or that even if you’re looking to move into the world of work, most employers consider good GSCE results as essential. Either way you are competing against a whole country of school leavers every year, so getting the best grade you can will always be worth it.

Why Activate Learning?

Every year, hundreds of our students go on to study higher-level programmes at almost 100 top universities across the UK and abroad. Recently, this has included many of the world-class Russell Group’s 24 universities, such as Oxford, Newcastle University and King’s College, London.

Did you know we also offer part-time and online GSCE courses for adults? Visit our Adult Education website for more information.