A Levels

Get the UCAS points you need to apply for university with our exciting range of A Levels.

A Levels are still the most popular route to get into university in the UK

Our full-time A Level programmes (three subjects) typically include four hours of teaching per subject per week, plus tutorial and independent study time. Most courses include examinations and coursework assessment.

You’ll study in a dedicated sixth form centre. You’ll develop independent study skills, supported by specialist teachers and advice from our Activate Careers team, who will make your UCAS application stand out from the crowd.

What will I study?

We have worked with universities to organise our subjects into career pathways, which are 'template plans' to help you accelerate your entry to university or the career of your choice.

Each pathway provides a selection of A Level choices, helping you gain the UCAS points you need for your university application.

Why Activate Learning?

Last year our students went on to study at 11 of the 24 Russell Group universities, including the University of Oxford and King's College London.

We have close links with leading universities, including Southampton Solent, Reading, Oxford Brookes, Warwick, Newcastle, and King’s College, London.

We believe in developing the whole person. You will be encouraged to expand your skills with additional activities, such as joining the Learner Voice network, taking on summer internships and participating on student trips. We will help your UCAS application be as strong as possible, so that you can impress university admissions teams, as an academically-able, well-rounded, independent individual.

Industry partnerships

A Level students at Activate Learning benefit from our links with leading universities, such as the University of Reading, Oxford Brookes University, the University of Winchester and Southampton Solent University

In autumn each year, second year A Level students take part in UCAS Takeover Week, attending workshops run by universities on subjects such as personal statements and student finance. Each college also has a higher education fair, with over 40 university exhibitors on campus.

In addition to university links, employers such as Penningtons Manches, a leading law firm, provide legal masterclasses for A Level students.

Key programme features

  • Valued by employers and universities
  • Studying A levels can be a good way of keeping your options open
  • Study in a dedicated sixth form centre
  • Most courses include examinations and coursework
  • Supportive environment with close links to universities and employers
  • Study three A Levels over two years
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Industry partnerships

At Farnham College we offer three A Level pathways in the following areas:

  • English and communications
  • Humanities
  • Maths and science

Expand the boxes below to find out more about each A Level pathway.

Our English and communications pathway offers a series of programmes within the field of English language communications; equipping you with the necessary skills to enter further or higher education or simply to begin your career in a variety of valuable roles in the workplace. Whether it’s exploring literature, what it tells us about the cultures it reflects and the motivations of those who write, or if you’re keen to apply your critical and creative thinking to communications in social work, teaching, or journalism, this pathway is for you.

Courses available in this pathway:

  • English Language A Level
  • English Literature A Level

The communications industry is worth over £3 billion to the UK economy annually. This pathway is the perfect starting part to both your education and career in the communications industry.

Qualifications in English and communications are highly regarded by universities and employers. They provide you with a toolbox of transferable skills and therefore open a variety of opportunities for study or work in areas such as business, health, education and telecommunications to name just a few! The communications industry is expected to grow by nearly 10% from now until 2027, creating over four thousand jobs. In the same period, over 45% of the current workforce are expected to retire, creating 18,900 job openings.

Our dedicated English and communications pathway combines a series of qualifications that will ensure you are best placed to enter further or higher education or directly into the workforce. These programmes will give you the opportunity to study the English language and its uses in contemporary communication. They aim to encourage a critical response to texts in a wide range of styles, formats and contexts through extensive enrichment opportunities.

Throughout your studies, you will develop a brand new and extensive vocabulary and the ability to read and analyse material as well as developing your own skills as an independent, creative and reflective communicator.

Humanities subjects are areas of study that go right to the core of the human experience and explore this world’s various cultures and what we can learn from each other, and ourselves. In humanities, human culture, experience, and perception are the object of study, while at the same time acknowledging that the student is a learning and developing individual with their own opinions. These courses will give you a different outlook on your everyday world and present you with questions and controversial subject areas that are not usually taught at school.

Courses available in this pathway:

  • Geography A Level
  • History A Level
  • Sociology A Level

You will learn through presentations, group work, discussions and online research that will challenge you and provide you with a set of transferable skills that are desirable to both employers and universities. One of the benefits of a humanities degree is the emphasis it puts on teaching you how to think, critique, and persuade—often in areas where there isn’t much data available or you need to work out what to believe.

Qualifications in humanities can lead to a diverse range of employment opportunities in a number of fields. This is the ideal entry point into a rewarding career or further education in journalism, social care, criminology, management and many more.

There is not a single industry where mathematical skills are irrelevant. If you have a passion for numbers, our maths and science pathways will kick start your career and education in the world of numbers, science and logic.

Courses available in this pathway:

  • Biology A Level
  • Chemistry A Level
  • Physics A Level
  • Psychology A Level
  • Mathematics A Level
  • Applied Psychology BTEC Level 3 National Certificate
  • Applied Science BTEC Level 3 Diploma

The study of maths and science can explain and demystify the world through the objective gathering and analysing of data. It also provides you with a host of transferable analytical and communication skills and can present you with a wide range of career opportunities.

Mathematics is a subject that can be studied for its own sake, but its techniques can be applied in many areas of study, meaning that the career prospects are vast and rewarding. Our courses provide students with the ability to learn new mathematical concepts and solve related mathematical problems.

With one of our science courses, you can explore the natural world, engineering, space, military technology, physics, psychology and even supernatural phenomena. These highly practical courses provide you with the relative skills needed for employment within science organisations whilst enabling you to develop practical scientific skills. You could move on to a science degree or employment in a science-related industry as a forensic scientist, quality control technician in a production plant laboratory, an editor of a scientific publication and many more!

These courses, while fairly demanding, are also very satisfying and popular choices at Farnham College, due to our small class sizes and therefore increased support from our expert teachers. With the support and knowledge of our tutors, success rates for these courses are excellent and present endless career opportunities. Former students who achieved A Levels in mathematics or science have moved onto university and studied courses including maths, engineering, computing, architecture and teaching.

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