Develop problem-solving and analytical skills with a range of science courses to suit all interests.

Studying with us gives you the opportunity to specialise in the subjects that interest you the most.

Take responsibility for the direction of your own education. With our help, you can identify your interests and strong points and start to think about your next steps after college.

Our A Level subjects will enable you to progress with your future career. When you complete your programmes, you can go on to further study at university or college, progress directly onto employment, or undertake an apprenticeship.

Here, you’re trusted to create and manage your own schedule, and with loads of subjects to choose from, our enthusiastic tutors can help you pick the areas to study to get you closer to your goals.

You’ll be taking responsibility for your own study; with our help, you can identify your interests and strong points and think about your next steps after college.

You’ll also be keeping your options open; A Levels are versatile, internationally-recognised qualifications that are highly valued by employers and can help you gain entry to any university in the country. All A Levels, no matter the subject, will help you improve your communication skills and prove that you are capable of high-level academic work. So, if you haven’t decided yet on a career or further study, A Levels could be the best option for you. During your time with us, we’ll also help you to pursue additional activities, both to broaden your skills and prepare yourself for life after college. Some students take up internships during the summer.

You can select three A Levels from our wide selection of subjects that include: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

From September 2024, we will be introducing a 3-stage A Level pathway, to provide learners with the opportunity to progress from their GCSEs and achieve their goals. Our new STEP, STRIVE, STRETCH programme provides an opportunity to improve your grades before you embark on an A Level programme, ensuring the best possible chance of success.

GCSE Science Pathway

If you don’t have the GCSEs you were hoping for, or want to improve your grades, we also offer one-year, full-time programmes for 16–19-year olds. Our Science Pathway is the perfect preparation before progressing to a Level 3 science-based course.

Saffron, A Levels I really enjoy coming to college, it’s so different to school and the staff are really supportive and encouraging which helps to build our confidence in our abilities.
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