After growing up in Lincolnshire and completing my GCSE exams, I emigrated to Queensland, Australia with my family in the early 1990’s.  Whilst there, I finished school and headed off to university to study a Bachelor of Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Natural Resources and Wildlife Management.  I then worked at a seed breeding company for a couple of years before deciding to pursue a more fulfilling career in teaching.  My first teaching post was in the Queensland outback where I stayed for five years and had many fantastic experiences, including rounding up cattle from a helicopter. 


I then returned to the UK, teaching Science in a Surrey secondary school, followed by a role as Head of Biology at an independent school in West Sussex, where I still live with my husband and a small menagerie of animals. It was there that I discovered a passion for sixth form teachingBeing able to make a difference at this unique and crucial point in a student’s education is truly rewarding.  This led me to Farnham College, where I am now in my fifth year, teaching A Level Biology and BTEC Applied Science.  One of the things I love most about Farnham is our small size.  You can really get to know your students well and support them to achieve their goals.