If you want to work in the music industry as an artist, producer, sound engineer or manager, we’ll get you there.

This pathway provides a broad introduction to the music and production industry through highly practical classes, workshops, and seminars.

Programmes are led by experienced professionals and we have strong links to local employers and the wider industry. You’ll also develop soft skills that are beneficial to employers in general and all aspects of your life, such as an emphasis on teamwork and managing your own learning and development.

Whatever your specialism, on our courses you will gain key skills and experiences that are not only vital for success in the creative industries, but also are highly transferable to other career paths.

With us, you can develop your studio skills, making and mastering records, and sound creation, using industry standard equipment. You’ll learn about composing and editing music for multimedia productions, film, computer games and study the music industry in general. You can further master computer technology for music production, including midi and audio recording, as well as develop skills in sound reproduction for both live events and the recording studio.

Industry partnerships