These programmes prepare you for the fast-paced worlds of work and university by immersing you in live projects, where you’ll learn the practical skills you’ll need to work to a high standard, manage your workload and direct your own learning. You’ll also have the opportunity to complete film projects for external clients and develop your skills in teamworking. You will dedicate a lot of your time to building an extensive portfolio of creative work.

At Farnham college, you can work with an amazing array of equipment in the professional-standard TV/ film recording studios. 

Media and communication is an industry that is concentrated in the South East of England, with over 100,000 jobs in 2020 and nearly 4,000 annual job openings forecast over the next five years.

The UK’s multi-billion-pound entertainment and media industry’s worth is set to grow by £8 billion in the years between 2018 and 2021 to £76 billion annually. This will make it the second largest market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Typical roles in this sector include social media coordinators, visual effects supervisors, software programmers and web designers. The industry has particular expertise shortages in technical development, animation, production and engineering, and transmission.

Erin, Media Level 3 My favourite part of the course this year was the practical sessions in the studio. Our teacher would just give us a quick brief for the afternoon and then we were let loose with the cameras. It was so fun! 
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