Lethabo, Performing Arts Level 2

I came to college because I wanted to pursue a career in acting for film and TV. 

I felt like Performing Arts was a great starting point for me to grow, giving me everything I need to pursue a career in acting.

My favourite part about it all is the acting. You meet new people, build relationships, get to do lots of different things, that’s what’s exciting for me.

What I enjoy most about acting is getting to perform different characters, not being me all the time, shooting in different locations. These really interest me and I’ve just always wanted to do that, I like performing.

The teachers are great, they’re all really supportive and helpful.

At Reading College, there’s a lot you can do.

The college caters to everybody and whatever you need to do, you can find at Reading College. There’s the gym, performing arts studios, film and tv studios and the library.

You get treated like an adult here. It’s different to school, they don’t look down on you, people support you and you feel like you have a voice.

The teaching is different from school too. It’s a lot more but it’s exciting and they’re there for you whatever you need.

I took part in Reading’s twilight trail which was exciting. I’ve never done a voiceover before, working with a sound designer and the fact that this was going to be heard by lots of different people was exciting.

We’re working on a play that comes from the National Theatre, one of the biggest theatres in the UK. Having to perform it at Salisbury Playhouse is one of the biggest that I have ever received and I’m really excited about it. It will help me to grow as an actor and I’m getting to learn different skills. Having the chance to perform in front of people, something that I have never done before, is something that I will forever be grateful for.

Further down in my career, there’s a lot of things I’d love to do.

I would like to run my own production company and produce my own shows, create opportunities for upcoming talent and growing a career in film and tv.

It’s still helping me grow and there’s a lot I need to learn. Level 2 is a starting point for me, I’m excited about Level 3 because there will be more that I can grow and learn from.

I’ve become an adult. It’s so different from school, it’s my choice and I know what I want to do and want to pursue, nobody can change my mind. I’ve become my own person.

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