Labyrinth Project

Are you tired? Stressed out? Looking for rest? Come and experience the Labyrinth at Farnham College.

A place for reflection and rest

The Labyrinth is a temporary space, built in the grounds of Farnham College, that has been created for quiet reflection and rest, in the midst of stressful times. This project is a collaboration between Farnham College and 24-7 Prayer.

The idea behind a Labyrinth is to create an engaging and safe space for individuals to follow a quiet, listening journey. It is an invitation to slow down, journey into the centre, with an encouragement to linger there, and then journey back out again.

Labyrinths have been used for thousands of years by different faiths, but also with a rich Christian heritage dating back to the 4th Century AD, as a prayer tool. It is something that both Christians and non-Christians can engage with, and is very non-threatening and engaging. It also aligns with some of the positive benefits of mindfulness and wellbeing; being present in the moment, and engaging positively with those things that are causing young people and others to be stressed out and tired.

Using the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth has been created from natural materials, such as sand, flour and branches. As you enter, you will be encouraged to take a few deep breaths. You will slowly wander through the Labyrinth, exploring the little slate prompts nearby. Pebbles can be picked up throughout your journey and buckets at the centre will allow you to drop off the pebbles and leave behind what might be weighing you down. There are no wrong turnings.

We have recorded a guided meditation with music to use while you're in the labyrinth. You can play it directly from Soundcloud or use the player on this page. 

Further Support

At Farnham College, we work hard to provide a safe and supportive experience for all our learners. If you are looking for further support, follow the link below.